Who we are?

Get to know Grupo SOTYA S.A., made up of a series of companies dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of Food Supplements.


SOTYA S.A. It has its own laboratory for the manufacture of food supplements and medicinal plants; obtaining a daily control of the products and raw materials, as well as external assistance from laboratories specialized in the most advanced techniques. This combination allows a fast and efficient service, up to what customers require.

All the ingredients used are constantly verified to certify their quality, and are regularly checked and audited in internal processes to ensure that they meet the standards established by the company.

With more than 30 years of experience as manufacturers, the management group uses to offer three key aspects in the development of the company: capacity, production quality and response speed.

It has more than 5,000 square meters, where a profiled staff works in each of the manufacturing functions that go from production to packaging; with high-precision machinery for the production of tablets, capsules, ampoules, oils, powders, gels and syrups.

The staff has extraordinary experience in all the specific sectors that make up the company. It is made up of doctors (PhD), chemists, biologists, veterinarians, laboratory and commercial technicians, among others.

With sales in Europe, the United States, North Africa and Asia; SOTYA has always opted for food supplements at an affordable price, to match them with the rest of Europe and the world.


We comply with ISO 9001:2015 regulations, in addition to the requirements of the EU and the HACCP food regulations. At SOTYA we dedicate all our efforts to doing things right.

We only use raw materials of the highest quality with complete analytics, which we verify in our laboratory.

Our containers are food-grade PET with a seal cap to provide safety and hygiene.

Our manufacturing is sustainable. We believe that industries are the first to have environmental plans. Due to our conservationist conscience, we recycle all the by-product, containers and packaging resulting from manufacturing.

Finally, we think that the image today is increasingly significant; For this reason, we give it greater importance with a renewed profile that is attractive to the consumer and that conveys the seriousness and attention to quality and detail of our company.

Always without forgetting our main objective, which is: Offer superior quality at the best price.