Rosehip oil 100% first cold pressing

Regenerative, repairing and moisturizing. Rosehip oil helps to regenerate the skin, improving the appearance of scars and blemishes, hydrates and softens the skin. 100% natural, first cold pressed, this oil can be used alone or together with other creams.


Envase de 30 ml con gotero


30 ml container with dropper

Modo de empleo

Aplicar unas gotas sobre la piel limpia y masajear hasta su total absorción, tantas veces al día como desee. Uso externo. Aplicar sobre cicatrices, no aplicar sobre heridas abiertas.

Directions of use

Apply a few drops on clean skin and massage until fully absorbed, as many times a day as desired. For external use only. Apply on scars, do not apply on open wounds.


No posee


Does not have

Advertencia nutricional

Mantener el envase bien cerrado, en lugar fresco y seco, alejado del sol directo.

Nutritional warning

Keep the container tightly closed, in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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